Thickness of the front w/o screen

Can someone help me with the thickness of the front part of the Framework 16 without the screen? I am looking for the wrist-rest/touchpad area and its thickness without the screen being closed.
This is to build a laptop stand that slides the front part into a notch, while the screen is raised. The full thickness with screen closed is 17.95mm. The thickness of the screen should be around 3 to 4mm which would calculate to 14 to 15mm thickness, but I would like to see the real numbers if possible.

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I could find out the overall thickness of the screen (4.3mm). The screen is also not lying totally flat on the base panel - there is at least another .25 to .5 mm gap, I designed the prototype with a 13.5mm notch (4.3 + 0.35 = 4.65 mm / 17.95 - 4.65 = 13.3 mm).
If someone already received the 16" model, can you verify my assumptions with a caliper measurement of the base panel at the front?

Now, that we should have a few people out there with a Framework 16, can someone measure the thickness of the laptop with a caliper? I would need the thickness whithout the screen, but including the rubber foot at the front.
Below is a photo of the prototype laptop stand. The framework 16 with open lid should fit into the area I marked with the green arrows.