Thinking about buying a laptop - What's with the massive price difference in GBP Vs USD

I want to buy one of these laptops as upgradability and having the opportunity to repair it is a great feature for me; as I’m particularly clumsy and tend to drop stuff sometimes.

Looking at the cost, the $999 model is £999, which is more expensive as £999 GBP is roughly $1,300 USD.

Would it be possible to pay in USD and ship to the UK to prevent it being much more expensive in the UK?

I’ll likely still buy the laptop regardless since I’m sure it’s a great product, but just confused about the cost difference.

This comes up often, but please remember that US prices are shown before taxes. By contrast most European countries show prices with taxes (also known as VAT) included. Beyond this taxation is another difference. Taxes are considerably lower in the States then anywhere in Europe. There is also the cost of importing the item to your location (ie: dealing with customs and any associated fees). All of these are outside of Framework’s control.

There is also the matter of a 2 year warranty versus the 1 year warranty the laptop comes with in the US / North America. And finally Framework is bundling the Wifi card with the laptop which is included in that price. US purchases had to buy the card extra.

All of this makes up the cost reflected, and why the price seems to be often simply more expensive.



This makes alot more sense now!

I thought they were the same laptop in both countries, both including tax, so it makes alot more sense that they’re at the same cost!