Thinkpad 701C with a Framework brain transplant (work in progress)

@rednight39 so far I’ve only printed PLA versions of the bottom case and those have been plenty stiff enough. IIRC I’ve printed them with 1mm thick side walls.

Ultimately I want to get it printed on an MJF machine out of glass bead filled PA12. The PA12 has lower modulus of elasticity than PLA, so I expect it to be a little bit floppier.


@Karl_Buchka Well, shoot. I was hoping for that reply, but now I have to justify one of these: ELEGOO Neptune 3 Max FDM 3D Printer – ELEGOO Official :wink:

Edit: It has been acquired. I guess I’m all-in now.

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Finally getting back to this project after an extended break. I’ve finished up board revisions and I’m working on getting the case finalized.

In the meantime I’ve uploaded all of the PCB designs to the github repo here:

Please note that a couple of the designs are not finalized yet (specifically the USB hub and the little USB interface board).


Now that you’ve uploaded PCB designs, I think this can be a great help for a lot of DIY Framework builders, not just for Thinkpad designs but any case design where space is very limited.

For instance, I am facing a challenge on how to add power delivery and high speed data where there’s a very small clearance for the board’s USB-C ports. I’m not a electronics engineer expert and USB 3.x protocols are a complicated beast to me, so I will be watching this thread even more closely with the design updates that you make. Keep it up!

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Thanks, @ccRicers! I assure you that I am just as intimidated as you about USB 3.x. Previous to this I had only ever piddled with USB 2.0. My design doesn’t include any power delivery provisions, so I can’t be of much help there.

Some updates: I’m waiting on some new parts for my 3D printer so I can do a final test print of the case before sending it off for manufacture.

I’ve put in a big push to finish up the USB hub design. It’s now at a state where I’d consider it done. Overall I’m pretty happy with it, but I’m hesitant to push the order button. I’m pretty much entirely self-taught in board design and I’ve never done anything this complex before. I’ve asked a friend who does board design professionally to review it and give me feedback. All the latest design files are in the github repo.

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Some updates:

My friend hasn’t had a chance to review the hub design yet.

The Chinese new year added some delays to a board order I put in, so I’ve been waiting on those.

The parts for my 3D printer came in (upgraded my single head Prusa XL to a 5 head), so I got those installed and ran off a full batch of mechanical parts. I’m in the middle of doing (hopefully) a final test assembly of those parts now.

I also did a bunch of clean-up on the CAD side and uploaded all of the latest revisions to the github repo, as well as a WIP high level BOM and some annotations on which hardware goes where. I also uploaded all of my 3D scan data. Files are here: