Thinkpad-like keyboard nub?

I was wondering if there are any plans, since on the FW 16 you can just swap out the keyboard, to make a keyboard with one of these Thinkpad nubs/nipples? I love using them compared to a normal touch pad personally, and I have heard similar opinions from others, but of course it depends on how popular it would be across a larger sample size.
Something that could also be considered is a touch pad with actual buttons, also like on Thinkpads.
It’s not particularly sleek or anything, but very functional, especially for situations where you need to hold a mouse button while moving the cursor, e.g middle mouse button for panning in some software and games.

Although this depends on if there’s even enough vertical space for that, which may be a very real concern…

Someone’s actually working on a full keyboard replacement Thinkpad keyboard mod (super early stages)! - #85 by Alex_S

Personally I’d LOVE to get a super low profile mechanical + trackpoint, but I highly doubt it’ll ever happen. I’ll settle for a good thinkpad keyboard mod though.

Oh, that’s cool!
I hope that comes to fruition, I really wonder why the nub is so rare - does Lenovo have a patent or something?

Way back when, but not for quite a while. A few HPs have it. Although it’s not red, but it’s similar basic thing.

Why not more common? Most people don’t seem to like it, or confusion, or it’s a bit harder to integrate. I dunno. I really like it.

The patent has expired, so there’s no legal restriction on anyone doing it.

Looks like it expired, so I have hope

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