Thinness limits long-lastingness?

I like that the Framework pc tends to be long-lasting because of its repair-ability.
But the pc probably tends to be short-lasting because of its thinness, which in my experience has greatly limited the usable life of PCs:
the chassis tended to separate, and even though i kept it together with clamps, there was a very serious negative effect on the keys and the touchpad.

I seek your comments on the above.

In attempted defense of my thin pc’s short lifespan, i did subject it to some stresses: i often put it on a pc tilter or stand, so that the keyboard was vertical and the screen was horizontal, so that i could lie under it and work. But i did the same thing to my thicker pc, for many more years, and there was no relevant negative effect.

thin pc: HP Envy x360
thick pc: HP m6

This posting is about both Framework models:

I don’t think thinness equates to short lifespan… But anyone’s mileage will vary. I have another thick boy laptop that is falling apart and I am very gentle with my equipment.

What is a factor is extensive use of external brittle plastic, poor design, and low quality production values.

Framework Laptop body is aluminum, screwed together with additional magnetic latching. Has a minimum of exterior plastic - replaceable screen frame - and that is flexible enough to bend, not just immediately break like other bezels. So I don’t expect it to be a mess and fall apart. But it’s also all replaceable… Everything.

In my opinion (a batch 2 owner) the unit is well worth it, and I do recommend it.


to ImaxinarDM: Thank you very much for that excellent post.

BTW, a common reason (probably more common for phones than laptops) for a chassis to split is because the battery has started swelling. I just had to replace an otherwise perfectly good phone because of that. That could happen to a Framework laptop too after enough time, but then you can replace the battery instead of the entire laptop.

(Sounds like in your case unusual stresses on the chassis might have been involved instead; I’d expect that to cause much more trouble for screw threads in plastic than for screw threads in aluminum.)

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