Thread inserts and screws at bottom

hello, can you please tell me what thread inserts and screws are used to attach the keyboard assembly to the base? the five main screws at the bottom. That would be a great help. I have circled the location with red rings.

Hi and welcome.

You main mean the [Input Cover] not the keyboard

The screws positions you highlight are those that fit the ‘Input Cover’ to the main chassis.

Those screws are attached to the main chassis ‘Bottom Cover’ and do not just fall out when disassembling.

Hi, Thank you for the response, I am not sure if it would be the bottom cover or the input cover. I am talking about four of these and the one in the middle at the back.

The four in this picture are (M2 4.0mm fastener with a T5 head which is 4.6mm diameter and 0.6mm thick (x4)) I assume, please tell me if I am wrong or right and if you could identify the fifth screw.

I am talking about these five screws

Yes they come attached to the bottom chassis.

If you want otherwise see the link

Will edit my first reply to remove that about the keyboard. I suggest you edit yours to remove the reference to keyboard and replace \that with 'input panel.

The screws are shown if you check the link and all the sizes are there too. Did you not look before or even after I posted the link ? :crazy_face:

M2 5.75mm with a T5 head which is 4.6mm diameter and 0.8mm thick (x5)