Thunderbolt 3 eGPU not working - Windows 11

Anyone else tried to get a Thunderbolt 3 eGPU working on the FW16?

I’ve got a Lenovo BoostStation, works fine on a couple of other Intel based machines. Tried both rear ports. Laptop detects something is plugged in, and starts charging.

Only device that appears in Device Manager is this :

Hi, I have a 3060Ti on a Mantiz Saturn enclosure, it’s working great.

I installed the nvidia drivers with the eGPU connected, and no issue since.
(I did have one blue screen when I first plugged it in, but just that one)

I plug it on the rear-left port.

Tried installing the drivers, both the latest and the older ones off the BoostStation downloads page. Comes back with an error similar to “No Nvidia GPU is detected on your system”.

Could well be something BoostStation specific, as it’s also got onboard Ethernet and a internal drive bay and some USB ports in addition to the GPU, which is in this case an RTX 2060.

It was just plug an play on my old ThinkPad with TB3 running Windows 10, and a newer Intel NUC 11th gen laptop with USB4.

Can you try the left middle? That’s the one I’m using because I was having some issues (not necessarily related to the Framework).

Isn’t that USB3.2 only?

I don’t know if it’s only USB3.2, but the ones supporting Thunderbolt are indeed the two on the rear: Expansion Card Slot functionality on Framework Laptop 16

Did you ever find a solution for this? I am having a very similar issue with my Framework 13, and an eGPU.

Do you have an Intel or AMD Framework? If you’re using an Intel model then all the ports for the 13th gen should support Thunderbolt 4. If you’re using the AMD model, then only the rear 2 ports support USB 4. Maybe you could try plugging the eGPU into the rear two ports or are you already doing that?

Do you have the BIOS options Enabelt?

Related to USB 4.

Intel, if you’re asking me specifically, I have used all 4 ports, both with and without the extension blocks that plug in. Please see This Post for more info on my predicament.

What options would these be? I can’t seem to find any BIOS options related to USB or Thunderbolt in this BIOS.

In device manager do you see your GPU under display adapters? I’m using a UT3G dock and a 2080 with my FW16 and the 2080 appeared there before I installed any drivers. Did you get the “No Nvidia GPU is detected on your system” error from GeForce Experience? If so I got the same thing.

Any luck on this? Genuinely could be a deal breaker for me and returning it :frowning:

Just tested with a Razer Core X Chroma and it works flawlessly, starting to think the boost station is just problematic :\

Using a Core X Chroma as well and it was plug and play for me. Havn’t tried gaming yet.