Thunderbolt support?

Is there a way to get a full Thunderbolt output module for this?

I think not yet?

FW is currently working to get them Thunderbolt certified. That said, from what I’m understanding, they will behave the same as a Thunderbolt C port.

Right. But the goal is to have “Thunderbolt 3”
e.g. to not have just the port but the bandwidth as well.

Anyone know if thats possible?
Coming in the future?
Most laptops don’t have it yet…

From the KB:

Does the Framework Laptop support Thunderbolt?

The Framework Laptop with Intel 11th Gen Core Processors has four Expansion Card bays that are capable of USB4 and DisplayPort Alt Mode. Since Thunderbolt requires a certification process, we can’t claim Thunderbolt capability until we complete that. We’re hoping to share more on this soon.

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That being said, there is proof in other topics that Thunderbolt products like eGPU’s, docks and drives are working as if it were just thunderbolt

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That is my ultimate goal. To use an eGPU.
Perhaps hook the laptop to a Thunderbolt 3 “Razer eGPU enclosure.”

Is that possible now? future?


I currently use a Razor Core v2 with a 1660 Super. Works fine.

When you install the driver pack, it installs the Intel Thunderbolt tool.
The only reason they can’t market this as Thunderbolt is slow paperwork, not any software or hardware issue.

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Wow, i’m assuming you have the Framework Laptop with Intel 11th Gen Core Processor??

All FW laptops use 11th gen Intel.


Yep. Got my i5 DiY a couple of weeks ago.