Tightening the rear left screw on the bottom plate disables the display

The screen on my laptop started randomly not working, even though my system arrived only a few days ago. After some trial and error I discovered, that, if I tighten the screw on the bottom plate at the rear left, the screen dies. It does however work, if I boot the laptop with the screw unfastened. I somehow fixed it with pushing the display cable on the left further down the insides of the laptop, but I doubt that that will work long term.

Has anyone else experienced that and maybe also has a solution at the ready to maybe fix this issue permanently.

I honestly think rearranging the display cable was the long term fix.
It really sounds like by tightening the screw you squeezed the display cable to a degree that it could not work probably. Pushing it further down was a good call, but now you have to hope that you didn’t permanently damage it with the squeezing

Nearly the same thing happened to me after opening the laptop for a RAM swap. I re-installed the top cover, tightened the screws, and the display backlight wouldn’t work. I could see display contents under a very bright light, but the backlight was dead. I shut it back down, opened it up again, re-seated everything, re-installed the top cover, same issue.

After more troubleshooting, I realized that the backlight would work with the top cover removed, but turn off again when I tightened the rear-left screw. Like @Christopher_Hilgner, I then pushed the left-side hinge cable deeper into its channel before re-seating the top cover. After that, everything has been working fine. Occam’s razor would suggest that I pinched the cable with the housing in that corner.

I just ordered a replacement eDP cable to be certain that I’m traveling with an undamaged one. :slightly_smiling_face: