TikTok - Where are you there?

Guys, I see some reviews on YouTube and that is good, especially from iFixIt, Linus Tech Tips and Louis Rossmann.

But Guys, not to burst your bubble, where is your presence on TikTok?

The long form review is the norm but if you want this to go through the roof, you need to attack the short form market and that is TikTok today.

I need this to be a huge global success!

Hope to see you in EU next year!

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As much as I hate TikTok this will bring huge amounts of people, only problem is framework may not be able to cope during the preorder stage.


True, but TikTok can be very useful to transfer information fast.

Iā€™m too old to figure out TikTok. We are however hiring for a Product Marketing Manager who may be able to help us on this!


Good. I get the age thing. Investing in a professional that will do that for you, very good idea.