Time and Date issue after motherboard swap - AMD 13 7840U - Batch 5

Framework sent me a new motherboard as mine failed 6 week after getting the laptop. I do not know why the MB failed, but there was no POST, LED flashing WGGGGGGGGGGGGOBGGGGGGG. Support could not resolve the issue.

Ive installed the new motherboard and the laptop booted up just fine, Ive been using it for a few weeks now but I have an ongoing issue with the time and date.

I use hibernation when turning off my laptop. Lid closing and power button press both are set to put the laptop into hibernation. When I turn the laptop back on the clock is off by the number of days/hours that the laptop was in hibernation. Ive checked the bois and the time matches what is in the windows.

Ive also notice that the laptop seems to take about 30 sec or so before the Framwork logo/POST appears, longer then before the MB swap.

Normally I would swap the RTS battery but this laptop doesn’t have one.

Help please!

Newer board don’t ship with a rtc battery. It should be up to the OS to update its time/date when it wakes up. Do you have Windows? Does the time not update when wifi connects?
~edit~ Wow, somehow forgot that it has the main battery to run rtc off of.

The BIOS/CMOS keeps the time, Windows just makes sure its in sync with a time server, that sync will fail if the time is off by too much.

One thing I could think of, and I don’t know if this is even a possibility (depending on how the power is actually distributed from the various pins), would be one of the battery pins is bent and the circuit for that pin isn’t powered.

Now that I think of it, does this only happen after hibernation, or does it happen after powering the laptop down as well? Meaning, if you shut the laptop down instead of putting it into hibernation, does the same thing happen? If not, it sounds more like a software issue.

It might be worth starting a support ticket with Framework, if you haven’t already.