Time for payment processing

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

I’m new here but i didn’t find the answer to my question.

I’m in France if it matters.

I ordered the laptop 13 AMD variant on the 19th of december, payment went thought as authorized by my bank (ie it’s authorised by the bank but has not been processed further), and the order was confirmed right away on the site and by mail.

So my question do you have any idea how long it takes for framework to debit the money once the order is confirmed ?

Thanks for your answers.

Edit: I didn’t want to burden support with this question as it is still early in the order process and i saw that support is currently a bit overwhelmed, hence why i ask here.


When I ordered my FW13 2 years ago, there where 7 days between the email they sent (we’re about to ship the order) and the date on my bank account.
It was a batch, so maybe it’s different for you

In my experience, they charge you shortly before an order ships. So if they are a couple weeks away from shipping, I wouldn’t expect to be charged until within 1-3 days of when the laptop ships. Grated, I can’t guarantee they won’t charge you sooner, but that has been my experience.

Thank you for the answers

The shipping time at ordering was “within two weeks”.

So it’s ok for me, i’m impatient, but I can wait this long ^^° ,

My main issue is that the authorization is only valid for 6 working days with my bank, so i am worried that they wont charge in time, payment will ultimately fail and it will then void the order.

I will wait and hope :slight_smile:

Thanks again

Salut mon gars ! :wink:
I was batch 1 AMD 13 and between the two I would say a week.