Too hot to handle and boot problems

The newest update of Rufus enables Secure Boot installs so that should not be a problem anymore (version 3.17 I believe)

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Just noting that as of February 2022, this is still an issue with the 2TB SSDs, and to confirm that updating the SSD firmware appears to fix the problem quite nicely.


Which one? I am using a 2TB Sabrent Rocket.


I got my DIY Framework last week (28th Feb 2022) with WD Black SN850 500GB, and had the same issue with no boot device found after waking from sleep. Just updated the SN850 firmware as advised above, waiting to see if it happens again.

@nrp I wonder if it’s worth including some kind of advisory in the box that tells users something like: “Some included hardware may not function properly without a firmware udpate, go to this website to find out if you’re affected and what to do about it if you are”. With the DIY edition, I was more inclined to think I had made an error during installation rather than the SSD needing a firmware update.


I think it’s a good idea. It is definitely worth having 1 main thread with list of issues with fixes in 1 place.

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Could also go a step further and include a program with the driver bundle or as a separate download, that checks the installed hardware and tells the user if there are advisories.

P.s. my Framework has been fine since updating the SN850 SSD firmware


Agree to include it in the driver bundle. Why?

Because the link given by nrp from Framework Team is no longer working as of 2022 March 18th. The linked program Western Digital SSD Dashboard is still available by 3rd party sites, likes this one:

But download critical firmware updating software, potentially security relevant, from 3rd party sites is a bad customer experience. Since framework only started delivering laptops 9 months ago, I am not angry about it. But it should change in the future. Just put in the driver bundle for the DIY edition.

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