Top Left Slot Won't Work

The top right slot of my 12th Gen board is not working. I can get it to work for a little while by opening it up, disconnecting the battery and the CMOS battery.

After a while it will stop working again for charging or data. I can’t seem to find anything consistent with it not working, like a program or anything, just when I go to plug it in it decides not to work.

Anyone have any ideas? I contacted support a week ago and still haven’t heard anything from them, guessing they are swamped or missed it.

What BIOS version are you on?

Factory 3.04 is the only bios available for 12th Gen.

You can actually update it to the 3.06 BIOS and I would recommend that. Here’s the thread for that: 12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta

Apparently Support has been off this past week for a seminar/retreat of some sort? (I never saw details on this, only heard reports from other users that it was happening) Hopefully they get back to you sometime this week now that they’re back.