Touchpad broken on 2-week-old pre-built Windows framework

My touchpad is no longer registering clicks on my 2-week-old laptop. I have searched and tried all of the suggestions to no avail. I’m pretty disappointed with this happening so quickly and with the touchpad in general. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?

Your best bet is probably to fill out the form here: Framework | Support
Framework support is pretty quick to respond.

Already did, haven’t heard anything back yet.

Have you made sure that your touchpad cable is fully inserted to the white line?

Yes, that is the second thing I did after messing around with devices and drivers. It looks totally fine.

Is it just the lack of clicking? Can you tap to click? Can you move the mouse with it?

I am sorry to hear that you have not received a response yet regarding support! Could you please PM me your ticket information so I can take a look? We would love to get this resolved for you ASAP :orange_heart:

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@FrameworkBee I would love to PM you about this but I’m locked out from sending PMs. Pretty stoked about that too. I haven’t been assigned a ticket that I see yet. Maybe if you PM me first I’ll be able to respond.

@taeyeon Mouse pointer moves but gestures and tap to click don’t seem to be working. Not sure if they worked before, I’ve used this computer roughly 45 minutes since it came in.

Ah, I have found your ticket! I see that you have submitted it today and our current response time is around 2 business days. We are currently trying to catch up from our 4 day weekend but I will be sure to get eyes on your ticket!

As for not being able to send PM’s here. I am sorry to hear that! It may be due to your accounts age as we use a third party software for this forum. I can look into that as well to ensure nothing funky is happening :slight_smile:

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