Touchpad Deadzones in Linux

Hello, everyone,

I noticed some behavior with the touchpad in Ubuntu 21.10, and I was wondering if everyone else’s touchpad was the same.

On my machine, the touchpad has deadzones on all sides: the top, left and right are palm exclusion zones, and the bottom is a thumb detection zone. The touchpad registers touches in these zones, but libinput ignores them, because it believes it is a mistaken touch, either from a palm or a thumb.

I know the touchpad registers the touches in the entire touchpad from seeing the output of libinput debug-events --verbose. Also, the right zone does not ignore scrolling when I enable edge scrolling in the Mouse & Touchpad section in Ubuntu Settings.

If I had to estimate, the left and right zones seem to be about a half-inch wide, and the top and bottom zones seem to be a quarter-inch high.

I do not like how some of my touches are ignored, especially when my finger begins a movement on the edge of the touchpad, or when I try to two-finger scroll near the edges. I do not recall this being an issue on my other Linux machines, but perhaps I adjusted this behavior in synclient. I cannot use synclient here, because this is a touchpad made by PixArt, not Synaptics.

Please let me know if your touchpad behaves the same way in Ubuntu or other distribution. Also, if you have any tips to configure these deadzones, I would be happy to hear them.

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Yup, I have the same deadzones on Debian sid. It doesn’t really bother me since other touchpads I’ve had also had the deadzones.

Similar in Fedora 36 though only notice it for the sides, if the top and bottom regions are there they are much smaller and behave a little differently.

Did you ever find a solution?