Touchpad issue with Windows

I got a new Framework 13 a few weeks ago that I have running Ubuntu / Windows 11. Ubuntu is running fine, but when running Windows I will find when waking from sleep that the mouse cursor has disappeared. It will come back if I reboot the machine, but this has happened like 4 times already. Has anyone else had this issue? I’m not sure if it’s a Windows issue or Framework issue or both?
EDIT: sorry, I accidentally typed Windows 10 initially when I meant 11.

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Does it happen on Windows 11? Windows 10 isn’t supported.

I have had issues with Windows 10 as well, I would reccomend going to 11 (especially considering you have a Intel Generation >12, where the new thread director is very important).

Have you installed the Framework driver package in Windows, or are you just using the standard Windows drivers?

I purchased the computer pre-assembled with Windows already installed, so when I started using the computer, I just used it as it had come. Since then, I have reinstalled the touchpad driver specifically. So far, the issue hasn’t come up since doing that.

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I have the exact same issue. It would be nice if this could be looked at. Also on the newest version of Windows 11.

It hasn’t happened since I re-installed the driver to the touchpad.

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