Touchpad Issues - Showing as Device but not working

Before I open a ticket on this I want to see if anyone else has any suggestions.

Framework Laptop 16 - Windows 11 Pro

It is up and running and all driver updates were installed. The touchpad appears to not be working at all. I set up 2 of these and the first one is working fine. This one doesn’t seem to respond at all to my troubleshooting. I moved the touchpad between locations with no result. I checked the contacts on the plate, and they all seem to be working fine. It seems like windows is seeing the device and it loads correctly. If I pop open device manager and check the list of “human interface devices” the touchpad shows up. If I remove the touchpad with this menu open all of the items highlighted disappear, they then reappear when I slide the touchpad back in. This leads me to believe the laptop contacts work fine.

In windows settings under devices there are no options for “touchpad” which should be there if the system sees the touchpad correctly.

UPDATE: So it appears there are levels of pressure where the touchpad registers as connected but doesn’t work. I noticed my touch pad module had a slight arch to it. The middle section sat a bit higher than the outer pieces. When I pressed pretty hard on the middle section the touchpad started working again. I ended up slightly bending the module so the outter sections sat higher than the middle section. This meant that when the unit was slid in the contacts would press harder on their own. Kinda funky that the tolerance on contact pressure is that tight. In the end…up and working.