Touchpad not scrolling and right-click not working

Setup my DIY edition, installed Windows 11, touchpad works but only with left-click. Two-finger scrolling and right-click does not work. The touchpad is being recognized as a PS2 mouse so it is not working as touchpad and settings cannot be controlled properly. Is this a Windows 11 issue or are other people running to issues like this?

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Hey Dennis,

Have you already installed the Framework Driver Bundle?

I had same issue and was pointed to the driver bundle over in the Windows 11 thread because I couldn’t find any drivers or download links.

I’m not sure why they aren’t recognized by Windows Update yet but maybe in the future!

I have installed the Driver bundle and the BIOS update and everything is working now. It still shows as PS2 mouse but I guess that doesn’t matter so much.

I’ve also found another fix, If going into the device manager, there should be a warning sign next to an I2C HID device. Stop it, and restart it. I’m checking whether this persists throughout reboot after this post.

From what it looks like, this does fix it. It might be it failing to start once, and continuing on reboot.

Yes, everything worked fine once installing drive pack.