Touchpad Picking Up a 'Tap' at the Beginning of a Swipe/Scroll

Hello folks!

When I physically contact the touchpad with one finger to move the mouse cursor, it might click the item that was immediately under the cursor before it begins moving. When I contact the touchpad with two fingers to scroll, the context menu may be brought up as the scrolling begins.

It seems like the touchpad is picking up a ‘tap’ at the moment when my finger(s) makes physical contact with it. I’m sure my finger(s) never left its surface, and the initial landing on the touchpad is solid.

It doesn’t happen every time. And, when I continuously use the touchpad it tends not to happen, the erroneous click is more likely to trigger if the touchpad hasn’t been touched for a bit, such as if I was typing or walked away from the laptop. It does appear this issue will begin to emerge after the computer has been running for a few hours, and a restart can perhaps temporarily mitigate it. I’ll have to pay closer attention to see if this is true, though.

Any ideas on what might be happening? Perhaps certain capacitive sensing threshold of the touchpad is shifting abnormally after long period of power on? Any info is appreciated!

12th Gen, 3.08 BIOS (also happening on 3.05), Windows 11 with drivers.


Interesting update: I found a way to somewhat reliably reproduce this behavior, with the help of my… hair.

I have a habit of sometimes moving my hair to the front, such as when contemplating an email reply, and subconsciously run my fingers through them just like a brush (if the way I’m describing makes any sense).

I realized by running my finger through a bundle of hair a few times, I can more likely trigger the false ‘tap’ when I go use the touchpad again.

Of course, it seems like the above method is one of the ways to trigger this issue, but far from the only. I tie my hair up and don’t play with it while in public, and this touchpad behavior definitely still occur.

Running on battery, plugged in with ungrounded charger, and plugged in with grounded charger also don’t seem to make a difference from my memory.

Any ideas? Is the touchpad itself just defective, or some isolation issue? I do have another Framework, but it currently doesn’t have any OS installed, so I can only test on that one later.


When it happens, hibernation and reboot can make the issue go away. Already uninstalled touchpad from device manager and reinstalled driver bundle. Potentially defective touchpad with all the info currently present.

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