Touchpad sometimes shuts down the laptop


I received my Framework a few days ago.
I already posted a comment due to some other problems with the touchpad (no right click nor scroll) : FIXED: trackpad in linux - #15 by chevelu ; and I’m sometimes experiencing a strange behavior: when using the touchpad for moving my cursor, it suddenly shuts down the laptop.
I’m using Alpine Linux 3.15.

Thank you for your help.

Have you checked that the touch pad ribbon cable is correctly inserted both ends, I know there was a problem in the early days with the touch pad side connector moving when the top cover was removed, the problem was solved by using double sided tape under the ribbon to prevent it moving, but I think its worth checking that all is as it should be.

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Thank you for your help!
I’ve just double checked, and the cable seems to be correctly inserted, both ends.

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This guide recommends turning off “PS/2 Mouse Emulation” in the BIOS. It also provides instructions for physically adjusting/realigning the touchpad. You could also try one of the officially supported flavors of linux to see if it makes a difference. You can find a list at the bottom of this page. Give it a go and let us know if it helps.

Are you sure it’s caused by the touchpad, or maybe it just so happened that you were using the touchpad at that moment? Was the shutdown graceful or completely sudden like pulling out the plug?

In the latter case I can suggest you the following thread:

I already tried to turn off PS/2 mouse emulation. After that, the touchpad had no action at all. I tried again after your advice. And that does the same.

Thank you @korvin for the link. I saw that thread the day before you send it to me, and it is exactly what happen.

It might be best to submit a support ticket so that our support team can check into this further. Here’s the link: Framework | Support

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i have seen a similar sudden shutoff behavior that i also suspect is trackpad related (running linux Kubuntu) it usually only happens within about a minute of waking the laptop up and appears to happen more if there is trackpad input during the 10-15 or so seconds during which it is waking up (black screen but the power LED is solid)

I have not much basis for this conclusion other than a gut feeling, but i wonder if this helps