Touchpad Spacers FW16

Are those changes in the file you shared before? (lock mech ect)

That looks amazing though! That is the type of look I’m shooting for!

I’ve been updating the file on the website, I updated it a couple of days ago with the new adjustments


Wow, cool! Definitely going to bookmark this to come back when I get my FW 16 in. Might just want to do the same.

These look amazing! I am not sure if you would be willing sell any - but I would happily paypal/venmo/cashapp you for 2 of them!


Is it true or these seem to fit better than most of the original.

Also +1 if you could send some of these or share the needed files, so I can print it too😉

I would say they fit much better than the originals, except there’s a small amount of space underneath the spacer that I will fix in my next revision, which I’ll test and upload to the printables page this weekend.


There are some online 3D printing services you could look into, where you just send them the file and they print it. Some even offer post processing things like sand-blasting, but that does have the risk of making the final product smaller.

Thank you. I am really happy it fits better than the original because I saw that certain laptops did not have a very nice fit. Do you maybe know why this one fits better? Was there any adjustment for your laptop?
I saw the original has a magnet in. Does this one have it, as well? Tbh, when thinking about it, it does not seem very needed.

To make it fit better, I widened the top by 0.3mm and made the part that locks in have a smaller gap, as this is what makes it slide about half a mm when locked - in my next revision I’m going to make it slightly smaller. I should be able to test and upload it Thursday or Friday.

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Thanks, seems like you are attempting a perfect fit.

Thank you! Definitely bookmarking this so that I can print some when my batch 9 gets delivered. I got the lavender bezel so I might try to find some matching PETG.

BTW, once I get my FW16 so I can fit them on mine, I’m happy to print out a bunch for various folks. Basically just pay shipping and an extra $2 for the plastic & electricity.

Assuming I get what I consider a satisfactory print from mine, which I presume I will.

And thanks @Erik_Isakson, for putting up the STL


I just uploaded a new version of the spacer to the Printables page with tolerances that are basically perfect, at least on my computer it doesn’t wiggle at all.


Looks very neat. Looking forward to others testing it to see how it fits onto their machines. Unfortunately, I am only batch 18, so I will have to wait.

Finished a double wide spacer


I don’t own a 3D printer, but I think I might see about getting a couple of these printed somewhere!

That’s brilliant.

You know, what’s next? Full touchpad enclosure :wink:

I think the touchpad needs to be clamped on an conductive material for grounding static discharge. I am not sure if the electrical conductive tape is glued to the palmrest like every other laptop including the fw13 or might be isolated.

This is awesome! Do you have plans to model a keyboard spacer as well?

I might at some point, but my concern is that they’re held in with magnets rather than hooks like the bottom one so I’m not entirely sure how well it’ll stay in.