Touchpad Spacers FW16

I’ve searched though the GitHub and can’t find any docs on the specs for the touchpad spaces.

Has anyone heard if Framework is planning on releasing a reference design file for it?

I have a FW16 in hand, so I can start taking measurements myself but it would be nice to have a ref for more accurate measurements.

I want to try and either 3d print one to see how it comes out or source a place that could do transparent plastics to get that late 90’s early 00’s look.


That’s a pretty cool idea. I could see some nice orange ones matching the bezel, for instance. Underneath these spaces, there isn’t much to look at but the plate, right? Maybe some stickers on the plate could jazz it up a bit (if it doesn’t affect heat, etc.).

I already asked for those months ago. Sadly, to my knowledge, there hasn’t been any progress in that area. I guess we’ll need to wait 'til all the issues regarding the FL16 rollout have been solved, before this is going to get addressed, if that’s gonna happen at all…

I’d be grateful if you could do that, otherwise this is going to get stalled for months to go…

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I tried searching for posts on this and didn’t find yours.

Unless I missed something when putting my parts in, I didn’t see anything using the mid plate as a heat sync under the spacers our touch pad. They seem to be simple enough, I don’t have a decent caliper, if I find one I’ll attach measurements when I get a set.

It seems that if we can get a decent design drawing for them, it might be possible to get a bit tighter fit for touch pad and spacers as well.

I’ve attached a couple of reference pics in case anyone wants them.


It might be fun to whip up a spacer in Blender or a CAD software and mess around with spacing fit. Others have said the gap measures about .5mm between the spacer and the trackpad plate. Not exact, but a data point at least. I’ve got a FW 16 built semi to scale in Blender with input slots pulled off the FW github, but I don’t have a 3d printer :-/

I actually made my own 3D model of the touchpad spacers a few days ago. I just uploaded it here: Printables
I did make a few slight modifications just to reduce the gaps that they have (I made the top 0.1 mm wider, locking mechanism has slightly less extra space). It could be a good starting point.


Nice! I just got in some filament, printer should be up and running next week and will have to give this a test print to see how it comes out!

I will post results when I have it done.


Just finished making some minor changes to the design and 3D printed a translucent spacer, I’m really happy with the results


Is that translucent PLA? I wonder how PolySmooth with some alcohol smoothing would look.

I used translucent PETG, which took a few tries to get the hang of. I think that some smoothing could help a little, but the main thing stopping it from being clearer is tiny gaps between each line it printed. It made a sort of 3D moire effect internally which I think looks pretty cool, but it doesn’t convey on camera very well.

If you want to get it to look clearer, take a look at How To Print Glass by Rygar1432
He shows some extremely clear prints in translucent PETG.


I’ll definitely have to try that out!

This looks absolutely amazing!! I wish I had a 3d printer to try some. How is the spacing? Tighter?

I made the spacing in the locking mechanism tighter so it doesn’t slide up and down, sideways I tried to make it a bit wider but there’s still just a hair of movement


Are those changes in the file you shared before? (lock mech ect)

That looks amazing though! That is the type of look I’m shooting for!

I’ve been updating the file on the website, I updated it a couple of days ago with the new adjustments


Wow, cool! Definitely going to bookmark this to come back when I get my FW 16 in. Might just want to do the same.

These look amazing! I am not sure if you would be willing sell any - but I would happily paypal/venmo/cashapp you for 2 of them!

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Is it true or these seem to fit better than most of the original.

Also +1 if you could send some of these or share the needed files, so I can print it too😉

I would say they fit much better than the originals, except there’s a small amount of space underneath the spacer that I will fix in my next revision, which I’ll test and upload to the printables page this weekend.