TPM intermittently disappearing from Windows

Two Framework 16 Laptops - Win 11 Pro - Fully Updated to 23H2 - Joined to Entra ID managed through InTune.

We have seen odd issues with login failures to Windows apps, the inability to use our PIN with Windows Hello and a few other quirky failures with Teams and Outlook. After some testing over a few days, I figured it might be a TPM issue. Turns out I was right, but not sure what is causing it or how to fix it. When these login issues pop up, the TPM module no longer appears in Windows. It just drops off as if it was never there.

This image is in Settings - > Security - > Device settings during the times of failure. There is not a listing for “Security Processors” in this menu.

When we reboot the device the “Security Processors” return, and the logging errors disappear.

Running the TPM.MSC module in windows will show a failure to load when the TPM is not showing up and not working. So far, a reboot fixes this every time. The TPM settings in the bios look fine. We have only seen this during longer period of the device being in some form of sleep overnight.

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