[TRACKING] Debian testing on the Framework Laptop

Perhaps this may help :slight_smile:

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Hello, thank you for this guide.
Could you just update the power management and precise it’s Intel only ? It seems AMD only has s2idle and not deep S3. I was lost for a moment… !
Thank you very much.

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Everything on my framework laptop is working with Debian 12 testing. Just one complain, debian updates even in testing version are woefully slower compared to on my archlinux, fedora install on this same laptop 13 AMD. Snapshots.

Another datapoint:

I installed 12.5 Bookworm ZFS Root following Debian Bookworm Root on ZFS — OpenZFS documentation

I waited to do tasksel until after following DebianTesting - Debian Wiki to upgrade to testing. Did a full upgrade, then tasksel --new-install to install KDE.

After that had to install firmware-amd-graphics to get sddm to startup with KDE, and then firmware-misc-nonfree to get the WiFi card to detect. Fortunately I had gotten the ethernet card, so that’s what I used while in CLI mode and before I figured out the WiFi firmware.

Further, I realize that Step 4 -> 2., configuring the network, I shouldn’t have done that for wired or wifi interfaces, since KDE/NetworkManager, once I installed the firmware, detects and setups/uses those just fine.

I’ve done the ZFS Root before on my desktop and old laptop, but now I have it on my Framework 16 with encrypted root!

What tool did you use to create that cool graphical text summary - is it packaged for debian?

I think neofetch is what you’re looking for. It’s in Debian.

thanks -