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Nevermind, ditched the ventoy and made a pure Linux Mint, Edge edition from the file and we are happy and booted.


I’m beginning to have doubts on the before noon part.

And I was wrong. A HUGE box was just delivered, now time to play.


So there’s secure . Ventoy

For me, I just disabled it (for now) to run memtest86+ on it.

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Lucky guys, mine says it in “on the way” and somewhere near Dubai. I don’t know what the current destination airport is, but I couldn’t find a Fedex flight from its last stop at GUANGZHOU.

Hurrah, it has landed …

Arrived at FedEx location
01/05/2024 23:06


Not bad, ~1hr 30m to 1h 45m or so to do Memtest86+, full tests, 1 full pass on 96GB of memory. I’m going for 2 full passes, just to give me more confidence.

EDIT: And 2 full rounds done, off work, time to get starting installing!

Debian Testing w/ZFS root!

EDIT2: Well…apparently Secure Boot and loading the ZFS module in the Live USB image don’t play nicely together. That’s unfortunate. sigh Which, if I don’t secure the settings with a password, there’s kinda no point to having it on because anybody can boot and change it, which obviates the use of it. So off it goes and stays I guess.

EDIT3: Ok, base install done! Details at [TRACKING] Debian testing on the Framework Laptop - #24 by Aaron_Baff for anyone who wants to read about getting Debian with ZFS root installed and setup.

Next I need to get fwup setup and see if there’s any updates, grab the latest amdgpu firmwares, setup all my applications, logins, etc.


Update: This issue is caused by the automatic swapping from GPU to APU (or vise versa) and if anyone knows of a way to disable this, send a reply.

Happy for everyone who got their laptop in! I am having a good time playing with mine, but I do have a question.

Does anyone have an issue where closing a window/browser/event manager where the screen/laptop locks up for a few seconds (2-4ish)? Happens on battery and charger.

Stats below:
Ryzen™ 7 7840HS - Radeon™ RX 7700S

  • System: Ryzen™ 7 7840HS
  • Memory: DDR5-5600 - 32GB (2 x 16GB)
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home (Download)
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I’ve been watching my shipment almost religiously, just to verify it will arrive when expected (Friday). These are the flights taken for it to go from Taiwan to the UK for anyone who’s interested:

A couple of things I noticed: No flight from Taiwan to China, it routes through the Philippines first; and the hops between China and France are all the same flight (FDX5279).

hello, I just received the framework at home in France.


Seems to be the route mine is taking too

Mine arrived at destination sort facility at 04:25 local time, looks like it’s not gonna make it on today’s trucks sadly

Mine is near Orléans, I think it will be deliver tomorrow morning

Never mind got a FedEx notification they left it at the door :slight_smile:

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Me too, mine is now at the Fedex distribution centre near Milton Keynes, about an hours drive from me.

The New Delhi and Dubai checks in the flight were just flyovers I think, unless there were refuelling stops at either/both of those, otherwise the flight seemed to be direct China → France.

At least we don’t seem to have had some of the too-ing and fro-ing that other shipments have had. Customs clearance at Stansted seemed to be nothing but a formality.

I was out and about for lunch today and as I came home saw a Fedex truck down the street, and thought I might have got lucky a day early - but no such luck. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

For what it’s worth, my FW16 went straight from “at destination sort facility” to “delivered” with no “out for delivery” message.

Welp RIP my FW16 has the dreaded cross threaded 2280 screw. Gonna try booting off uSD for daily driving until I get a replacement, if I really need to I’ll steal the 2230 64gb from my Steam Deck.

all the reports of the ssd screws being dodgy are worrying me, but if it needs replacing, nothing i can do, just a bit more wait i suppose.

Friend of mine said that people were working off USB drives which might be something you could look into. Apparently when the system goes to sleep expansion cards are shut down (feel free to correct me here) so I’m gonna have to set my system up to hibernate when I close the lid for now.

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depends which screw it is, although im reluctant to mess about doing too much installing if the main board needs replacing

It’s the mounting screw for the 2280 SSD almost universally I’ve heard, and yeah most people with this issue have gotten shipped a mainboard replacement according to same friend.