[TRACKING] Fingerprint Scanner on Ubuntu 23.04

I’m trying to use the fingerprint scanner, but I get an error message in settings:

Any idea how to make it work?


Have you enrolled fingerprints in any other OSs on the device? only one OS can have the fingerprint scanner registered at once, and this error message seems similar to what other users have seen in the past.

Try this thread:

I’m working on the same issue over on the fedora side

If this is a 13th gen it looks like there might be a firmware issue with the fingerprint readers, I am waiting to get info back from Framework about these issues.

can you run sudo fwupdmgr get-devices and see if your version matches mine?

I have confirmed my hunch with support, there is an issue being seen with the new revision of the fingerprint scanner, they are working on a long term fix but I have a hacky solution that I need to test before I add it to this


Hi guys,

If you have a 13th gen and having issues enrolling fingerprint, I encourage you to file ticket. We will be needing the reader’s serial number see this guide on how to get it.

@Nolan_Clark appreciate you looking into potential short term solution, thanks.


Finally finished testing out the process I was given from support, this was hacky and I would recommend waiting for a smoother option that does not require booting windows but this worked for me:

  • Install and boot into Windows (either as a standard installation or with USB passthrough in a VM - I recommend the former)
  • Download and then run the Framework Laptop Driver Bundle installer for 13th gen. This has been shown to resolve the issue on other generations of Framework laptops dealing with the change in the provided fingerprint readers (replacement units in those instances).
  • Then reboot.
  • Now install Fedora 38 again and the firmware issue should be addressed. ← I personally run Fedora but this might work for Ubuntu as well.

Thanks to everyone who responded with their tips! I guess I’ll just wait until we get official support.

I tested what @Nolan_Clark suggested (with Windows 10 via Gnome Boxes) on a new install of Ubuntu 23.04 with a 13th Gen Intel DIY that I just received.

I used 7zip to extract the *.exe Framework driver bundle and ran the Goodix installer. It successfully downgraded the fingerprint reader from 01000320 to 01000252 (according to fwupdmgr). No need to reboot. Now fprintd-enroll works for me.

Thanks for figuring out that work-around for now.


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Having the same issue on my 13th Gen Intel Framework 13 after a fresh Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installation. Putting in a ticket as recommended above.

Can also confirm what @Nolan_Clark and @chadadavis did works. I should’ve fully read their steps before thinking my issue was because I installed win 10 instead of win 11. Many gnome boxes later and I have a working fingerprint reader!

All, it’s been determined that this is indeed is a confirmed issue for those who meet either of these criteria:

  • 13th gen
  • 11th or 12th with a newly replaced input cover.

For those affected, we have identified the issue and are working a resolution asap. It is going to be addressed, but I do not have a detailed ETA at this time.

Please do open up a ticket though so we can keep everyone apprised as we work through this.


Are you saying we should each open a ticket, or have one ticket that we will all attach ourselves to?


Scott =)

Yes, if you meet this criteria:

  • 13th gen
  • 11th or 12th with a newly replaced input cover.

Moving updates and path forward for solving this to this thread.