[TRACKING] High GPU power draw on AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U

Phoronix posted a test 2 days ago and reports 1.6W at idle with Ubuntu 23.10.

With this testing on Ubuntu 23.10, the Ryzen 7 7840U was pulling 25 Watts on average under load and a 51 Watt peak while having a 1.6 Watt power consumption at idle.

Maybe i understand it wrong or there is some hidden magic i didn’t figure out from his article. (English is not my main language)

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Nothing to add at the moment. For those joining this thread, good to start here:


I wish Phronix would post test suite config as a openbenchmarking comparable script ; would make life much easier to compare.

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Agreed, me too.

Actually, in the first version of the article, there was the link to the corresponding openbenchmarking page:

I don’t know why Michael removed that. So you can run those benchmarks as

phoronix-test-suite benchmark 2311159-NE-FRAMEWORK18

Now if anyone knows how to get that test to record power consumption, I would be really greatful! Monitoring of sensors during the test run is enabled using the MONITOR environment variable, like so:
export MONITOR=cpu.power,cpu.temp ; phoronix-test-suite ...

CPU power monitoring works for me after giving non-privileged users access via
sudo chmod -R a+r /sys/class/powercap/intel-rapl/.

EDIT1: link corrected
EDIT2: found out how to enable monitoring in phoronix-test-suite