Trackpad ignores all clicks, intermittent

I have been having an issue where my trackpad stops responding to clicks. It is intermittent, but happens at least once or twice a day, never more than 4 times a day.

I can move the mouse. I just cannot click on anything. It does not seem to be application-specific.

I have been watching FIXED: trackpad in linux but it does not look to be the same. I checked my libinput version (for whatever reason) and apt-cache show libinput10 reports that it is 1.15.5-1ubuntu0.3 or 1.15.5-1.

The workaround is to hit the power button, which is configured to Suspend. Then I log back in and the exact same click works.

Anything else that I can check?

As I have come from using Macs, I had hoped it would be possible to set up some comprehensive hardware monitoring for myself. It is not as easy as I had hoped. But I am open to any suggestions. I miss the console log application on the Mac, which made it easy to search across all the logs.

Depending on what you seem to have which is something based on ubuntu, Glogg is old but goodie. I also have heard of GoAccess but never used it personally.

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It looks as though glogg provides easier reading of any given log file. Is there something which gives one convenient access, in one window, to all the log files?