Transfer from old computer to new Framework 16

Hello, all. I am eagerly awaiting, within about a week, my Framework 16 with Windows 11 pre-installed. This is a fully pre-built model. I have a working Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 with Windows 11, that is over four years old. I want to find assistance, i.e. tech support, either from Framework internal staff or an external, third party, resource, that I can pay for, in order to consider issues regarding data and program transfer from the old Dell to the new Framework. I have written a support request to Framework asking the same question, but I am hoping someone here will have a good idea for me.

Framework does not offer this type of support, neither referring to outside contractors nor providing internal support on a fee for service basis. I called around and learned that either you can try using the Windows 11 built-in backup and restore, including a feature to include all applications as well as data, or you can make use of data migration software or hire someone to make use of migration software. I believe it is important for Framework to at least develop a list of approved contractors to do this type of data migration, just as larger installations might make use of a single Framework to clone and thereby install multiple Frameworks for a business entity.

I usually just backup everything except the installed programs to an external hard drive or the cloud

I think the preferred method is to first backup your old laptop to either an external drive, NAS or cloud.
Then restore it to the new laptop.
At the moment, if your old laptop disk fails, you have lost everything.