Transferring iTunes from a Mac

Hi there. I am looking to purchase a Framework laptop. I have been following the advancement of these for some time. I am in a position to change over from an aged Mac (2011) currently running on OS Sierra Vn 10.12.6. However, I am concerned regarding transferring my iTunes library. Has anyone done this and is is straightforward, particularly, for someone is no computer tech, such as myself? I look forward to your comments, Roger

Try this site:
It may help.

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Thank you very much for this. Can I ask whether you have tried this for transferring iTunes to a Windows based PC?

I have not, I don’t own a mac. I’ve never been keen on companies that try to control their users so much.

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That’s fair enough. I understand.

You can just copy the media files over to the new machine. All Apple music files are DRM free so it’ll play on any machine.

When I switched at one point, I was able to find the iTunes media folder on the Mac and all the files were there. I simply copied the files onto an external SSD, then copied them onto my PC. I don’t know if it’s the same at this point, but at the time, Windows had a music app and when I first opened it, it searched my computer for music and found all the iTunes media files and pulled them in, including all the album artwork.

I guess just install iTunes: iTunes 12.10.11 for Windows (Windows 64 bit)

Thank you al for your advise. I will check all of these to see how trouble free the swap over would be!

Just a personal opinion, but that would be my LAST resort. I’m not a big fan of iTunes.

But hey, if you like iTunes, it’s an option.

Hi there BigT!

Would having music stored on ALAC limit me to another option, such as the one that you may use??

ALAC shouldn’t be a limiting factor, as far as I’m aware. I believe my music is a mix of AAC, ALAC, and FLAC and it all played fine on my PC.