Trouble replacing battery

I thought the battery must be bad because of sitting months or a year not charging, and also sometimes left on the charger for weeks, it finally would not turn on at all, and not charge.
I had tried unplugging and plugging back in a few times and pushing harder with a screwdriver… nothing.

Finally I got a new battery last week from Marketplace, it worked, then I plugged the old back in and it also worked…

Days later, nothing again. Today I tried both batteries in there and realized maybe one pin (furthest to the right) may be bent and not going into the plastic connector (hard to see). I think I got it bent back to go into the connector, but still nothing. The old connector looks like plastic blocking that pin, not sure what’s going on but could it damage something else not having the pin inserted?

Have you considered that the CMOS battery has discharged and you will have to do a full reset and get a new ML1120

Which version of 13 do you have Gen 11, 12 or 13. If 11 you are entitled to a free new Ml1220 as there was a design overlook with the Gen 11 Intel

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Wow thank you, yep 11th gen:
Order date Aug 03 2021
DIY with Intel i5-1135G7

So I got it going with the full reset and I will contact them about the free replacement. This really helps since I didn’t know what to search for, Thanks again

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