Turn off CPU boost on Framework Chromebook?

I can appreciate the performance gains from leaving CPU boost on, but honestly, I don’t like hearing the fans spin up and I have some concerns about the fan intake being on the bottom of the laptop. Is there a way to turn off CPU boost to keep things more quiet more often? I’m not worried about limiting the clock speed to something slower - I’m not doing CPU-intensive work on this machine.

to follow up on this:

joined the Framework Discord server and asked the same question - sounds like Framework Chromebooks don’t have the same firmware / BIOS setup as the Windows, Linux, or DIY editions. So turning off Intel Turbo-boost might not be an option (yet).

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Unfortunately, it seems like no one who has a Chromebook edition has reported to the user-sourced BIOS guide here. Hopefully that can be updated soon. It’s possible Framework could offer you some help with this, in which case opening up a support ticket is the way to go if you haven’t already. Definitely report back here if you’re able to get an answer, and sorry I can’t be more helpful, I don’t have the Chromebook Edition and don’t know enough about ChromeOS to know if there is a solution within the operating system.

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I’m sorry for the wrong information!

I’ve deleted my post. Good luck!

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I’m sorry for the wrong information!

No problem at all! I’m not perturbed in the slightest.

I have reached out to support a la @Azure 's suggestion and I’ll report back when they get back to me!


Support got back to me. Unfortunately with ChromeOS, our assumptions have been confirmed - no way to access the BIOS for now. Hopefully, Google introduces a way to configure BIOS-level settings via chrome://flags later on!


@Fletch or someone using Framework Chromebook. Could you install dmidecode on your Chrome OS?

How to install dmidecode

If you can access Debian-based Linux, you can install it by the command:

$ sudo apt install dmidecode

If you can access Fedora-based Linux, you can install it by the command:

$ sudo dnf install dmidecode

How to check the BIOS info

Here is the result of the commands below on my Framework Laptop Intel 11 gen. Not Chromebook Edition. I think you see different info about your BIOS on your Chromebook Edition. I am curious to know your result by the commands.

$ sudo dmidecode -s bios-vendor
$ sudo dmidecode -s bios-version
$ sudo dmidecode | less
BIOS Information
        Vendor: INSYDE Corp.
        Version: 03.10
        Release Date: 07/19/2022
        Address: 0xE0000
        Runtime Size: 128 kB
        ROM Size: 12 MB
                PCI is supported
                BIOS is upgradeable
                BIOS shadowing is allowed
                Boot from CD is supported
                Selectable boot is supported
                8042 keyboard services are supported (int 9h)
                CGA/mono video services are supported (int 10h)
                ACPI is supported
                USB legacy is supported
                BIOS boot specification is supported
                Targeted content distribution is supported
                UEFI is supported
        BIOS Revision: 3.16
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@junaruga , thanks for your suggestion!

dmidecode did install successfully, however, even running with sudo the files are off-limits:

fletch@penguin:~$ sudo dmidecode -s bios-vendor
/sys/firmware/dmi/tables/smbios_entry_point: Permission denied
/dev/mem: No such file or directory
fletch@penguin:~$ sudo dmidecode -s bios-version
/sys/firmware/dmi/tables/smbios_entry_point: Permission denied
/dev/mem: No such file or directory
fletch@penguin:~$ sudo dmidecode | less
/sys/firmware/dmi/tables/smbios_entry_point: Permission denied
/dev/mem: No such file or directory

This was done from within the Linux container. I am curious if someone were to set their Chromebook to developer mode, if they would be able to use crosh to run these commands. However, I like using the stable branch of ChromeOS which means this has turned into more of a thought experiment than something pragmatic for me.

@Fletch thanks for the report! OK. Interesting. What I know is ChromeOS is a Linux-based OS. I have not used ChromeOS. If the result is done within the Linux container, perhaps, there may be a way to run a Linux container in a privileged mode that’s like Docker. I hope we will find a way to see the BIOS info.

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I found a clue to access the BIOS from this thread on Reddit. And the developer mode document is this: ChromiumOS Docs - Developer Mode

Caution: Modifications you make to the system are not supported by Google, may cause hardware, software or security issues and may void warranty.

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