UBS-C Charger with extra ports please

Currently, I use the charger with multiple ports in the picture. Hope that the framework laptop will also get have one like this one. At the very least it should come with a separate cable, such that the cable can be replaced easily.


Detachable cables are a thing.

We designed the adapter to be modular, with both the 1m AC cable and 2m USB-C cable detachable and replaceable, reducing waste in case your cat chews through one of them. Making the AC cable swappable also means it’s easier to use the Framework Laptop internationally.

See The Power Adapter

OK Thanks. Just a pity that it just has one port

I like the multiple port chargers, but I’ve had one that supposedly automatically rebalances burn up when a device couldn’t handle the sudden change of current that came when one of the other devices was disconnected.

What’s wrong with third-party chargers that are already available? I use this one from Amazon and it works great.

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Or you can grab yourself a thunderbolt dock that can also charge the laptop?

I am currently using this one:

Plugging in one cable gives me 4 10Gb/s USB ports, 3 more Thunderbolt 4 ports and charges the laptop.

I’m glad that works for you but I didn’t buy the Framework laptop just to end up buying an external dock with more ports. :laughing:

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Oh sorry for the confusion I was addressing the OP’s original post not responding to yours.

However as small as you can get docks now, to me if I’m going to buy an extra block/dock for extra ports than I’d want those to be as useful as possible and not just move power.

However it all comes down to each individuals needs / wants.

Honestly I didn’t take how many ports the Framework has into consideration when I bought it. I wanted to support their values as they align with my own.

For me personally, 4 is definitely not enough and when I sit down to work at the desk plugging in 1 cable that connects everything on the desk to the laptop including power while everything is already cable managed is a lot better than having to plug everything in individually every time. That’s why I went with a dock in my own instance.