Ubuntu 21.10 Fingerprint Drivers

Hello, I have Ubuntu 21.10 installed on my DIY edition.

I did have version 20 and the fingerprint was working, but I have to re-install up to 21.10 for my wifi to work correctly, and now the fingerprint reader seems like it’s missing packages.

Can someone please provide me all the required packages to install from APT for the fingerprint reader? I can get it to show up in settings with the fprintd package installed, but it has enroll errors.

I just need a list of all of the fingerprint packages required.

(I have none of them installed now because it will make this a useful KB for the future, and because I couldn’t remember which ones I installed while trying to figure it out.)

As far as I know the apt packages shipped from Ubuntu repo doesn’t include minimal 1.92 version of libfprint yet. The workable solution I found so far is to follow the guide like this to compile and install the library from source code.

It’s tedious. Fortunately, I just open sourced an ansible playbook can do that for you. If you want to build and install them manually, you can see the apt packages I listed here in the ansible playbook