Open source Ansible playbook for Ubuntu Budgie

Hi folks,

I just wrote a ansible playbook for setting up my Framework notebook with Ubuntu Budgie distro, and I open sourced it here:

This is a project inspired by Jeff Geerling’s mac-dev-playbook. I want to be able to setup my Framework laptop for my Ubuntu working environment with code. Since probably all the Framework notebook owner’s going to face similar issues while installing the required packages for Linux environment, so I think it makes sense to open source it.

My hardware & environment (tested)

For now I only run this ansible playbook against my own notebook. It may not work for your distro or hardware, please use it at your own risk. Here’s my environment:

  • Distro: Ubuntu Budgie 21.10
  • Wifi: Intel® Wi-Fi 6E AX210 No vPro®

Currently we have two tasks

Question for you, how to make fingerprint options shows up in Settings > Users panel?

I have extensive experience with Linux as the server infra environment, but this is the first time I ever have a Linux desktop environment. After my ansbile playbook is done, I can unlock the laptop with fingerprint. The only problem is, the Settings > Users panel is not showing the fingerprint option as I saw in many tutorial. Anybody knows why my Budige is not showing it and how to fix this?


I am currently pre-distrohopping (aka probably being the top user of and found Ubuntu Budgie to be a very elegant choice. Will try this out once I get my Framework, thanks for sharing your work!

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