Ubuntu 24.04 - no touchpad in settings?

I just installed Ubuntu 24.04 and it is nice and fast! But unfortunately, the touchpad doesn’t seem to be working in it. I even reseated the touchpad just in case (it works fine in Windows 11). The touchpad doesn’t even show up in the Settings app. Any ideas? From what I read, the drivers should already be part of the kernel. I’m current on updates too.

Ok, I’m not sure how it fixed itself. I later installed Fedora 40 to another partition and then came back to Ubuntu. This time the trackpad was working, and both the mouse and trackpad settings were present in the dialog. Very odd.

The missing touchpad functionality is still broke on my Ubuntu 24 installation on most boots. Only rarely does it work. The touchpad works consistently on Fedora 40. Both are current with updates too.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?

Hi @egsavage ,

I’ve Ubuntu 24.04 Desktop since a week or so too on my Framework 13 i7-1280P and don’t have any issue with the trackpad. It is always showing up in the settings and working well.

I hope you will be able to fix it somehow.


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That is good to hear. I honestly don’t know why the issue comes and goes.,