Ubuntu on expansion card

So i have windows 11 on the main drive of the laptop and then on the 250GB expansion card i created two partitions, 200GB & 50GB, 200GB has the ubuntu installation & 50GB is FAT32 which is seen between the windows & ubuntu. Ubuntu works fine however after a 30 mins of use the experience becomes buggy, the navigator to select the apps crashes & the screen stops refreshing. Ubuntu becomes unusable and I have to restart.

using Ubuntu 21 (non LTS)

The expansion memory cards are susceptible to overheating, and when this happens they throttle. This is a known issue and fixes are being worked on.

My idea would be to throttle performance such that an equilibrium could be found when the card will be experiencing sustained usage.

Right now their actual throughput is VERY high, but this throughput creates a lot of heat. Finding a middle ground in which heat is not so rapidly built up would be ideal.

If you have a laptop cooler pad, using something like that will improve performance and lessen throttling.

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