UGREEN Triple Display 12-in-1 Docking Station is making troubles: loosing connection to USB, DisplayLink

Hi there

I bought a UGREEN Triple Display 12-in-1 USB C 8K Universal Docking Station and have had problems ever since. I connected my FW 13 (running the current version of Windows 11) with a UGREEN USB-C cable (on the USB-C port with the Computer symbol) on the right hand side expansion card which is nearest to the hinge. I also have a monitor connected via DisplayLink and a USB Camera.

I also installed the DisplayLink driver/software. The docking station is connected via a UGREEN 100W power plug.

What happens is that the mouse curser randomly freezes, then the monitor looses the signal. I have to power off the docking station and power it on again, login again and most of the time it works. This happens sometimes 0 times a day, sometimes 15 times, of course also during calls - which is kind of a deal breaker.

I am suspecting power issues but I have no clue how to check up on it - I guess Windows Event logs but what am I looking for?

Any ideas?