UK layout travesty

Guys, you do not have to copy every single mistake apple/dell and the others ever made. The compromised Enter key in the UK layout the shift merged with the button next to it and don’t even start me on the arrows… Come on what was wrong about the standard UK layout? The escape key is long for no reason while keys are mashed together for no reason… can one opt for a standard layout without these ‘innovative’ ‘improvements’? :smiley: Or I can start producing my palmrest and keyboard for it already? :D:D:D

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Our UK layout is below. The reason for this is to allow the same Input Cover to support both UK (ISO) and US (ANSI) keyboard types. This lets someone switch keyboard languages or buy a used laptop of a different language and be able to modify it to the language they want with the least amount of waste created and money spent. It is deeply aligned to our mission to enable that level of cross-compatibility and re-usability.


Wow that was quick answer. I get the sentiment and cost saving and the material saving and whatnot. I do. But over the years keyboard layouts got so many bad changes that basically one has to learn each device layout again(those of us who do not look at our hands while typing) because they have drifted so far apart. I would be more than happy to pay extra to get the standard uk layout back. Mashing keys together affects touchtyping usability. Also seemingly there is this idea floating about that there isn’t tons of space for those arrow keys on the palm rest (many laptops break them out from the bottom row to allow for better usability. My 2 cents are: do that. and separate those keys. And the used market can always trade palm rests with keyboards aftermarket… speaking of which… nobody said one has to cut out the keys in the palmrest… that is a thing apple started and there are still decent keyboards which are one easily switchable and replaceable unit like in lenovo laptops… 2 screws from the front and you got it out pop in a different layout one that does not have to fit the palmrest cutouts… it is worth it thinking about in future iterations of the palmrest… maybe time to return to the much more repair friendly and versatile keyboard arrangements laptops used to use.

I had a compaq one that was removable without screws just by moving 3 latches between the F-keys

Why does every manufacture have to make the CAPSLOCK KEY massive and force another key toward the enter key



Pretty sure that joining the key above a (regular) Enter key and doing whatever the hell Dell did in that post are pretty different, though. I’ve never mashed the “\” before when meaning to hit the enter key, whereas I can definitely see myself accidentally hitting “#” instead of enter in that linked layout.


Oh shoot, nvm. Yeah, @nrp, it seems like it’s extremely easy to accidentally hit the “#” key in that layout when you mean to hit return. The US version is better because the enter key is wide as expected and the linked key is above (which, again, is harder to hit).