Ultrasonic cleaning keyboard success story

Just wanted to share that I spilled a sugary drink on the keyboard a bit ago and successfully cleaned it fully, and to share my process! Obviously none of this is official and you’d be doing this at your own risk to do the same.


  1. I took apart the keyboard with the nicely labeled screws (albeit it took a good while, there’s a lot!).
  2. I put the keyboard module part into a large ultrasonic cleaner at 45C for 45 minutes, and it came out sparkling clean.
  3. I blasted it with compressed air (electric duster, actually) until I couldn’t see any drops of water.
  4. I put it in a precision (anova) oven at 100F with convection for an hour.

I was a bit concerned about the plastic membrane being damaged or trapping moisture, but everything is like it’s factory new now. :slight_smile:


Yeah, impressive that it worked.

Also, welcome to the forum.