Unable to cancel an order 10 hours after purchase

I ordered a laptop on May 20th and upon discovering a mistake with the RAM configuration, I submitted a cancelation request within 10 hours after the purchase. On May 21st I received an email saying that I can’t cancel it since it’s been forwarded to fulfillment partners and is preparing for delivery. My only option is to wait until the laptop arrives, return it, then order another one. I tried to call them at 415 475 3769 (number posted on the website), but nobody answers. The whole process has been very time consuming and troublesome. I’m so disappointed!

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What’s wrong with the RAM config. Maybe it’s easier, quicker etc. just to manually change it to what you want and sell on the older RAM.

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I mentioned in the original cancel request that I wanted two 16GB sticks instead of one 32GB stick. It would be much appreciated if they are flexible enough to just modify my order to what I wanted instead of returning and replacing my current order. I’m ordering this laptop for my son who is going to university this fall. I don’t know how long this whole process will take and if he is going to get his laptop on time.

I sympathize. But if they’ve already sent the order off for shipping, it really might be too late for them to easily make the change.

It’s very easy to swap out the RAM in a Framework laptop. As @amoun mentioned, it might be simplest to order or purchase the RAM you want, install it yourself, then either sell the original RAM or ask very nicely if Framework would be willing to take it back.

They might or they might not, but it never hurts to ask.

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I agree about being able to change but maybe it is too late. I’m sure you can just cancel the order completely and start again.

My understanding is that 2 x 16 works better than 1 x 32 as it has more channels to pass through.

The only disadvantage is if you want to upgrade to 64

So what is the issue with the arrangement you asked for?

I wanted to cancel the order completely and start a new one instead, but they said no.
Yes, 2x16 is better than 1x32, that’s why I’m asking to change it from 1x32 to 2x16.

@Richard_Tango-Lowy If they’ve already sent the order off for shipping, why I haven’t received any information regarding shipment? At this point I just hope I can get the laptop ASAP.

That not the same as shipping it just means the factory is preparing the item not actually shipping.

Has Framework taken the outstanding balance?

But as you say if it has been shipped you would be told and

Prior to Order shipment, you may request cancellation of the Order by contacting Framework Support at support@frame.work. Framework will send a confirmation email to the email you provided if the cancellation was successful

Something doesn’t seem to make sense ???

LoL…devil is in the details:
“you may request cancellation of the Order by contacting Framework Support at support@frame.work.”…“provided if the cancellation was successful

Essentially, “you can ask, but we are not meant to do a damn thing”…“Consider yourself lucky if we do cancel it”.

There’s literally no SLA on the process.

You can either block the transaction, or refuse delivery when it arrives.

Are you going to use it for gaming and want the extra speed, if not you may find the 32 OK

@ amoun I’m buying this as a gift for my son. He is going to university this fall. I want it to match his desired configuration. He doesn’t do much gaming.

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Unfortunately, Framework has a separate company that does fulfillment and shipping for them. Once they send the order off to that company, it becomes very difficult to stop that process, which is why they are saying you need to wait for the order to arrive and return it at that time.

The good news is that the order should be put together and sent to you very soon since it has been sent to fulfillment. I don’t work for Framework or their fulfillment company, so I can’t give an exact timeline, but from anecdotal evidence I would say it should be shipping within the week.

Once the laptop arrives, you should be able to quickly return it and get the correct configuration. Keep in touch with Framework via email, as that is the best form of contact. The phone number is newer, and I have heard that a lot of people are having trouble getting an answer that way. Another thing to note is that Framework Support is currently getting a lot of requests with the new 12th gen CPUs that were just announced, and may take a little extra time to get back to you, so please be patient!

I’m sorry that this process has been troublesome for you, and I hope that your issue is solved as soon as possible. Framework is still a fairly new company, and really are trying their best. Patience is key, and I hope that this all gets resolved quickly so your son can enjoy his Framework Laptop at University!


@Azure has the right answer on this. Our e-commerce systems are directly connected to our fulfillment partner’s fulfillment systems. This means that very quickly after you place an order, it transmits to our partner for them to pull together the shipment and send it out (the alternative would be delaying all orders to have a time window to allow cancellation, which would make everyone unhappy). At that point, there is no good way to stop it, and we instead will happily send a return label over email that you can use to send it back while you place your new order.

On the phone number, that is not part of our support system and goes to a script that asks you to submit a request through our support system instead. The best and fastest way to get in touch with our support team is through the form here: Framework | Support