Underrated benefit of keyboard - No need to mute while typing during calls

I am coming from a Thinkpad. And I remember with the thinkpad there used to be problem where if you are typing into the keyboard during a video call, the participants could hear your typing so I had to do all my typing on mute. I just had a Google Meet call today with a bunch of folks and they could not hear me clacking away on the keyboard while I was taking notes.

Don’t know this is due to some software noise cancellation by Google Meet, or the design of the keyboard that doesn’t transmit the vibrations to the mic, but I just thought I should put it out there .


LOL I do most of my video calls from my desktop, with a proper mechanical keyboard :joy: There’s no escaping being heard on that thing hahahahahaha

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I guess having the mics on the top of the screen helps here.