Unknown USB device error FW laptop 16?

I’ve had my framework 16 (with graphics module, running windows 11 23H2) for about a month now, no issues to report until just a few days ago where this error has shown up in my settings and device manager. My keyboard, trackpad and all my expansion cards work so I doubt it’s one of those. Whatever it is also periodically disconnects and reconnects at random (however this disconnecting and reconnecting only happens when I prop up the laptop at an angle on a stand and connect it to an external display, keyboard and mouse). Is there any solution to this issue?

I have had the same issue, nothing seems to not be working correctly. Sometimes when I boot the computer to Windows 11 the message comes up that a USB device that was previously connected failed to connect. I have tried disabling the device and enabling it in Windows and it remains the same.

I have a Framework 16 without the graphics module.
Updated to BIOS 3.03
Batch 6
Windows 11
64GB Ram
Samsung 990Pro 2TB
Numpad Module

I suspect others have had this same issue and maybe not said anything.

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