Until Framework does their own phone

…we at least have the Fairphone coming to the US!

Personally I got a new phone recently so I cant justify buying this, but at least it’s an option now!
I am curious how easy it is to buy parts for this…


Finally! I can recommend something to my family. E OS is very good and is a small compromise for most to be free of google.

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@2disbetter Yeah I was surprised that they weren’t selling it here, but Im glad they are now!

Note that it’s missing several frequencies for USA and CA users. It’s the just same EU phone hardware, not designed with USA or CA carriers in mind.

They advertise it as, for “T-Mobile and its MVNOs”, but of course neglect to mention that it’s missing several T-Mobile bands, that you may lack coverage compared to a phone actually designed with US carriers in mind. And I’m not talking about the fact that it lacks mmWave 5G bands, since that’s of little real-world use to most people, despite the hype. The Fairphone is missing several 4g and normal 5g bands. Including band 66 which was reported to account for 48% of T-Mobile’s network traffic.

Absolute dealbreaker for me. When I need it, I need my phone to work & work well. Service providers do not even provide good service maps in general, let alone the option to see coverage if you’re missing several bands. You have no way of knowing how bad coverage will be in the places you frequent.


@MJ1 Huh good catch, thanks for posting that!