Up to Batch 18!

Wow, they’re up to selling Batch 18 now! Pretty awesome how many more orders they’ve gotten in since the release. Glad I got in on my Batch 12 when I did. Although I’m also glad, in some ways, I’m not a Batch 1, so I don’t have to have issues and wait for BIOS/driver fixes.


Batch 8 seems to me like the ideal balance between getting a field-tested laptop, and not having to wait too long for it. :sunglasses:


That’s what I’m telling myself…sitting here in batch 8.


I’m batch 1 and loving my Framework 16. People like to try and say there are lots of issues but it’s simply not true. There was one issue with the WiFi card but it has already been fixed with a firmware update. The laptop is rock solid, at least in Linux.

Agreed. I’m also batch 1, and my FW16 has been rock solid on Windows. I’m excited that you’re excited though!

That’s how it’s actually been…but it could have been worse. Although there’s still the issue with the 2230 slot sometimes disappearing after a sleep, that a BIOS fix is still in development for.

Batch 19 has been created. :wink: