Updates per batch

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I’ve been reading some of the issues being experienced and started questioning whether I should wait a while for later batch etc where these issues are ironed out.
I understand some of the issues are a experienced by a very few people.

Are there any changes that have been made between each batch in terms of fixes?

It would be really useful to know what has changed/fixed in each batch as some of the issues were very early on and reviews could contain information of issues that have since been fixed

I think my concern is more of hardware related issues which could assist future buyers or those considering the purchase.

The only hardware change I can recall so far is to the Realtek audio subsystem. It was changed to another brand around batch 3 or 4, due to supply issues.
The BIOS has had a couple of releases that have become current in Shipping versions.


My batch 8 laptop shipped with the latest v3.07 BIOS


They also changed the type of thermal paste they use IIRC.


Storage expansion cards recieved a thermal pad to keep performance more consistent around January/February I believe.

A guide to retrofit this for cards that shipped earlier is available and people had success with it. That is probably a very good example for what the “updates per batch” info you mention could entail.

Also since shipping to Europe started, DIY edition laptops come with the Wifi card installed and antenna cables run (in the US as well), since that was difficult for many.


If I recall correctly, batches 1 and 2 had some issues with EMI mesh affixed to stickers on the USB ports. The stickers were placed that the mesh could short an IC.

Subsequent batches had the stickers placed differently so that the mesh could not contact IC legs.

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Thanks everyone that’s replied so far. I hope this thread can continue to grow with this information.

As someone with a Batch 2 laptop who’s been watching the forums diligently since before Batch 1 was even shipping, I think the biggest thing that I would offer to OP and others who are worried about issues that would be fixed in later batches is that for all the issues that have been found and fixed, Framework has offered those fixes to the people who already bought their laptops.

Most of the early issues have been fixed by BIOS updates, and hardware issues now have guides to fix them, or Framework is sending parts/offering replacements to users experiencing those issues. There will always be issues, since it’s impossible to make perfect products, but the benefit of the Framework laptop is that it’s easy to repair and the company is working with their customers to offer the best experience they can.

I can’t really say that I would be happier if I had waited to buy my Framework laptop, because I’ve been enjoying using it since I got it, and every BIOS update keeps making my experience better. However, if there is a current issue that you want to have fixed before you buy, waiting for that is perfectly fine, and Framework has been consistently been announcing fixes as they come.