Upgrade the battery on the Laptop 13 with i5 13 th gen

Hello, I’m going to be buying the laptop 13 DIY edition with the i5 13th gen chip and was wondering if upgrading the 55wh battery to the 61 wh was worth it. I am a full time student and worker, my primary use of the laptop is for school work, browsing, Photoshop and some video editing (da Vinci resolve). I’ll be putting in crucial 32gb ddr4 ram dual channel and a sabrent 1tb rocket nvme SSD. Il also be buying windows 11 ?

Honestly, I don’t think it’s worth it because then you’ll have an extra battery than you can’t do anything with. I think the better solution would be to buy a battery bank. Not only can it be cheaper, you can also use it for other devices.