Upgraded from 11st to 12nd get - this is how it went :-)

Following the guide, most (but not all) things are easy to understand, not necessarily easy to execute.

I spent my youth :slight_smile: tinkering with desktop computers (you know, SATA cables, power supply cables the girth of a finger and so on). My only laptop experience was with minor stuff such as replacing RAM, or SDD…

All this is to say that the cabling in the framework is tiny. So you do need good sight and dexterity. Otherwise, it’s going to be a pain even if you know perfectly well what to do. I had to use magnifying glasses and a powerful light source.

Anyway, OK, all of that is my problem, so about the actual work.

First - it did work, I’m typing this on my new laptop (i7-1280P) which by the way I upgraded for no good reason.

The guide could some a better explanation or pictures in some steps such as “Disconnect the Audio Board Cable from the Mainboard”. That latch is invisible.

There’s some steps in which you really feel that you are going to screw things badly. Very delicate cables that would be really easy to tear, pins that can be bent and so on.

One problem I couldn’t fix: When screwing the new motherboard on the case, the top right fastener just wouldn’t hold no matter what. I reseated the motherboard 4 or 5 times until I gave up and decided it just continue with 4 out of the 5 fasteners in place.

The wifi cables (if you have a DIY edition you know they’re a pain in the ass) got disconnected a few times. Maybe I’m clumsy.

Suggestion to framework: Please add a few extra fasteners, some screws, and a screwdriver to the upgrade kit. With a premium upgrade kit the user shouldn’t have to worry about misplacing a screw or finding the screwdriver that came with the laptop.

Finally: On linux, I had to upgrade the kernel to get external displays to work (directly or through a dock). I’m currently running 5.18.15-051815-generic and so far everything seems normal.