USB A sticks [and at times User Post USB drive] not mounting/showing up?

Am I missing something? SOMETIMES my User Port Removable Storage [from] isn’t displayed in the file browser [nor in /run/media/username/DRIVE], or it disappears at times, while still plugged in.
Or, like right now, I’m wanting to burn an .ISO to a removable USB stick… so I pop it into my user port USB-A port, and nothing happens. Not shown in lsblk, not mounted in /run/media/username/ and not anywhere on the system…

I have to burn .ISOs… I think I’ve also experienced having to remove the removable storage HDD in order for my system to see new USB Sticks put into the USB-A user port, but I can’t remember exactly…

I’m on Arch Linux running GNOME, FYI. Anyone have any ideas??? Cause right now the best I can muster is to boot up my Thinkpad, which obviously isn’t optimal. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve had this problem with some USB-A drives which I’ve worked around by plugging them in partially (maybe a little less than halfway) until they show up as a drive, and then I plug them in all the way after that.

It’s very odd. If I plug the drive in all the way without doing the halfway trick, then it will get power but not show up in the list of drives. See: Quirky USB Port

As for disappearing drives, that’s another problem: 1TB expansion card disconnects randomly

I keep thinking they might be related problems. I’ve been experimenting with leaving my USB-A drive in all of the time, and I see that it disconnects occasionally as well. I’m currently talking to Framework support in order to give them more data so we can figure this out.

Do you have tlp installed? Are these USB ports explicitly exempted from auto suspend?